Spread the beauty of machinery and cultivate students' humanistic spirit

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Along with the national "double first-class" construction and the concept of OBE (Outcoming-based Education), the talent cultivation of colleges and universities emphasizes the practicality, cross-cutting and comprehensiveness of the disciplines, requiring students not only to be technically excellent, but also to Understand modern economy, society and management, and have a good humanistic quality. The School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of Beijing Jiaotong University follows the OBE international engineering education concept of “student-centered, output-oriented and continuous improvement”. While strengthening the cultivation of students' professional ability, it pays special attention to the cultivation of students' humanistic spirit.

The college takes into account the characteristics of mechanical disciplines, and carries out a series of humanistic spiritual quality education with the campus culture venues or exhibitions such as the College Mechanical Museum, the maker space, and the unique human landscape, so that the rigid and cold "mechanical" objects live. It has a feeling, beauty and temperature. While spreading the beauty of mechanical culture, it also cultivates the humanistic spirit of the mechanical engineers of the new era.

"Net Red" Museum - Let the machinery have feelings

The college has created the first small-scale college mechanical museum in China, which contains hundreds of old lathes, mechanical typewriters, textile machinery, measuring tools, mechanical computers, audio-visual equipment, daily life appliances and other mechanical and old items as well as steam locomotives, Fuxing high-speed rail, and Long March The rocket model, etc., has accumulated nearly 1,000 pieces. By giving play to the museum's educational function, the machine has a feeling.

We have established a comprehensive quality training practice project of “Mechanical History, Culture and Innovation”. Guide the freshman students to visit the museum and experience the mechanical culture, and combine their own interests, choose a certain collection independently, carry out in-depth study and study of mechanical principles and history and culture, and identify the corresponding credits, the purpose is to shape the students to appreciate the machinery. Researching machinery and loving the humanistic feelings of machinery.

Establish a university student innovation research project. The museum's interest research group was set up to conduct research on principle analysis, parts disassembly, collection repair, VR simulation, prototype trial, cultural innovation, historical and cultural story mining, etc., to guide students to experience the fun of machinery in innovative practice.

Establish a college student volunteer service project. Form a museum student to explain the volunteer team, select volunteers to participate in professional training such as lectures and etiquette, guide and guide volunteers to continuously learn and study mechanical history and culture knowledge in the explanation service, improve the communication and expression ability of engineering students and interpersonal skills, and train the team. Collaborative spirit and empathy.

Maker "Coffee + Wenchuang" - let the machine have a sense of beauty

In line with the situation of “innovation, entrepreneurship, and creation”, the college has created a maker space with a mechanical characteristic and a maker workshop in combination with professional features. It is equipped according to the elements of machinery, creativity, entrepreneurship, maker, coffee, etc. The software and hardware conditions such as learning communication, coffee production, and work display are aimed at promoting and promoting the educational concept of “innovation, entrepreneurship, and creation”, disseminating the culture of makers, and promoting the practice of students' innovation and entrepreneurship education. Through the "Chuang +" machinery, the machine has a sense of beauty.

The school also held the “Chuang+Mechanical, Create the Future” Sanchuang Carnival, guiding students to carry out creative design and entrepreneurship training, reflecting the characteristics of mechanical disciplines and the cultural heritage of the college, and fostering innovative thinking, entrepreneurial awareness and creative spirit.

The “Muji Coffee” entrepreneurship training program was established to encourage students to interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary combinations, learn from each other, learn from each other's strengths, and comprehensively cultivate the comprehensive ability and quality of students in various aspects of entrepreneurial management.

Cultivate Wenchuang entrepreneurship training projects with mechanical characteristics, set up start-up funds, support the construction of the research and development team of students' cultural and creative teams, and focus on cultivating students' creative thinking, creative spirit, marketing, brand promotion and other aspects.

Set up a salon communication platform for students to “listen to entrepreneurial stories and inspire innovative thinking” to help students familiar with the industry market status, business model and development prospects, and to focus on the entrepreneurial experience of well-known alumni and corporate executives to stimulate students' struggle spirit. , spread the maker culture.

Unique cultural landscape - let the machine have temperature

The college launched the resources of alumni, and built a group of campus humanities landscapes such as steam locomotive, century-old lathe, Fuxing high-speed rail model, bridge model, “burning calories” riding power generation, digital integrated display platform, etc. The edification of the cold machine gives the temperature to the cold.

From the steam locomotive to the revival high-speed rail - the inheritance of the love of the road to the country. Guide students to visit the first large horsepower DF1 steam locomotive model display and high simulation revival CRH high-speed rail EMU model designed and supervised by Professor Ying Shangcai, the first department head of the mechanical department, to let students feel and understand the transportation and transportation. The history of the tool from steam locomotive to high-speed railway in Beijing Jiaotong University, the love of the road to the spirit of the country.

A hundred years old lathe, railway bridge machine - the promotion of craftsmanship. Through the display of the century-old lathe display and the railway bridge machine model, students can feel the persistence of the craftsmanship spirit of excellence in the manufacture of mechanical equipment, and inspire students to carry forward the spirit of the new era in the intelligent manufacturing torrent, and to be a mechanical engineer who strives for perfection.

"burning calories" riding power generation - the insistence of green environmental protection concept. The “burning calories” bicycle riding power generation green demonstration project was built, which has functions of power generation, fitness and landscape. By planning and carrying out cycling competition activities, students are guided to participate in riding power generation, convert mechanical energy into electrical energy, provide clean energy for landscape lighting, and advocate the concept of “healthy life, green campus”.

The School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of Beijing Jiaotong University has not forgotten its original intentions and adheres to the concept of “humanity is good, knowing and doing”, using cultural venues or exhibitions as a carrier to practice humanistic new ideas, so that stereotypes of cold and cold machinery are full of feelings, beauty and temperature. It also explores a new way for the cultivation of humanities in science and engineering. (The author is the School of Mechanical and Electronic Control Engineering, Beijing Jiaotong University)