More than 20 Taiwanese enterprises will participate in the 10th Cross-Strait Machinery Industry Expo

Published in:2019-11-02 12:28:14 source:web

Xinhua News Agency, Fuzhou, October 29 (Reporter Chen Hongyi) The reporter was informed at the press conference of the Fujian Provincial Government Information Office that the 10th Cross-Strait Machinery Industry Expo and the 12th China Longyan Investment will be held on November 8 this year. The project fair (referred to as “Jiabo Investment Fair”) attracted more than 20 Taiwanese companies to participate, and will hold a series of forums, project docking and other supporting activities.

Wang Jiansheng, deputy mayor of Longyan City, said that since the approval of the Ministry of Commerce in 2010, the “Machine Investment Fair” has been successfully held for nine sessions. Relying on Longyan's unique industrial advantages, location advantages and advantages to Taiwan, the "Machine Investment Fair" has become an important platform for cross-strait investment cooperation, industrial docking and economic and trade exchanges.

Wang Jiansheng said that this year's "Bobo Investment Fair" will fully demonstrate the tremendous changes in the economic and social development of Longyan in the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China and the achievements of industrial development. With the theme of "cross-strait cooperation, development and win-win", the exhibition will cooperate with cross-strait mechanical professional institutions and well-known enterprises to gather strength and build a platform to deepen the integration of the two sides of the Taiwan Straits.

The "Computer Expo Investment Fair" was held in Longyan Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition area is 30,000 square meters, with a total of about 1,500 standard booths. It has "Industry Development", "Engineering and Sanitation Machinery", "Special Vehicles and Emergency Equipment", "Taiwan. And six major exhibition areas, such as overseas machinery, "smart manufacturing", "accessories and small farm machinery", will display more than 800 sets of mechanical equipment such as engineering machinery, sanitation machinery, special vehicles, military and civilian integration, emergency equipment, intelligent manufacturing, instruments, tools, More than 5,000 features and accessories.

Up to now, more than 400 exhibiting companies have been confirmed, and nearly 200 exhibiting companies are being docked. Among them, Taiwan and overseas exhibition areas will be displayed in the form of overall special installations. More than 20 well-known companies such as East Asia (Jaguar) Air Compressor, Yuxi Industrial, Taiwan Jingrui, Lixin and Dufeng will confirm the exhibition.

In addition to the regular activities of the past, this year's "Machine Investment Fair" also has the Industrial Development Summit Forum, the Taiwanese Cross-Strait Investment Forum of the Taiwanese Association of Taiwanese Enterprises, and the 2019 Cross-Strait Industrial Integration (Longyan) Project Matchmaking Conference and Machinery. Supporting activities such as industrial development seminars.