US scientists make "mechanical trees" against global warming

Published in:2019-11-02 12:29:55 source:web

According to Reuters, Silicon Kingdom Holdings has developed a "mechanical tree" to clean carbon dioxide in the air. New technologies are the most powerful way to collect carbon dioxide, and carbon dioxide is considered the main cause of climate change. The first batch of 1,200 "mechanical trees" will be installed in the United States. These metal columns will filter the wind column, trap carbon molecules and hold the carbon molecules for reuse. Currently, this is the cheapest way to filter air, as long as $100 per ton.
A "mechanical tree" can absorb up to 1 ton of carbon dioxide per day. Distinguished from existing methods of combating harmful gases, the technology captures carbon from the atmosphere rather than mechanically absorbing air without the use of high-tech equipment. A sorbent plate filled with an adsorbent filters the air flow. An air cleaning pilot plant will be built in California, which is expected to filter 36,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year. In the future, each cleaning plant will filter more than 100 times this amount of air.